In the Line of Duty

On December 1, 2010, the Montana Highway Patrol and the town of Three Forks wept when they learned 23 year old Trooper David DeLaittre was shot and killed just a short distance from his childhood home. Soon after his death, a Christmas tree was placed at the scene, complete with lights and decorations.

A Plan

In the days following the funeral, David’s father Dennis DeLaittre (formerly MHP 205) began to plan a memorial park at the scene. Dennis secured approximately 3.5 acres from the Buttleman Ranch and began the process.

A Dedication

There is a sign which is visible to passing motorists, about the sacrifice David made and the purpose of the park. The dedication of the David DeLaittre Memorial Park was held on July 7, 2011. It was a beautiful summer day in Montana, complete with blue skies, hot sun, and more than a few tears.

The Park

Come and visit the 3.5 acres of beautiful land that we share with our community. It was created to always remember a son, brother, nephew, cousin and friend; David DeLaittre.

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